Yo, sup, hey! I'm a [REDACTED] year old dude named Henry, but you can call me buggy, or skeir.

I'm a passive and laid-back guy, I can't stand onions in my food, and I spend most of my days online. I was born on July 6th, and I've lived in California all my life. My favorite colors are brown/gold/green and i enjoy honey buns
This blog will consist mostly of a bunch of anime fandoms and a the usual tumblr reblogs with some mabinogi here and there.

If you're wondering what server I play on in mabinogi I play on the Tarlach server.

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edeott said: IT'S ME

you want some of this too?


yukiko-amagis said: i need one of of those hinata things but instead of “become a superhero” it’s adachi saying “so i can legally carry a gun”


alternate version

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Jester Arcana Romance Route Confirmed


Jester Arcana Romance Route Confirmed

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